Israel may reopen case against reporter


(JTA) — Israel may seek charges against the journalist who allegedly accepted classified documents from a soldier.

Uri Blau, an investigative reporter for Haaretz, allegedly accepted more than 1,500 classified military documents from Anat Kamm, who is awaiting sentencing after accepting a plea deal.

Blau was abroad when the Kamm case broke last year, and returned only after brokering a deal through lawyers that would give him immunity from prosecution as long as he handed over classified documents in his possession.

The Justice Ministry is now considering charging Blau for holding unauthorized information, Ynet and Haaretz reported Wednesday.

Israeli authorities are now accusing Blau of violating his agreement, although it was not clear how, Ynet reported.

Haaretz said in a statement that it "regretted" the decision.

"We are confident the hearing will make it even clearer that throughout this affair, Uri Blau was doing nothing but his work as a journalist, and was acting according to the accepted norms in covering the defense establishment," the newspaper said.

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