Cory Booker’s parsha reading: Embrace “in your face” Judaism


Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, speaks to Chabad of Greenwich about how he was identified by the movement as a promising young politico when he was at Oxford and then at Yale, in the 1990s.

He couldn’t get away from the Chabad "posse," he said.

Before making his point about the mitzvah of muscular, "in your face" Judaism, he warns:

"A tall black man from New Jersey" is about to talk about the week’s parsha, he says, and advises the crowd to "get over it."

Some highlights:

"We were born to stand out."

"Any Jew that wants to shrink from who they are is not being Jewish."

"This is the Jewish people — you don’t hide your light behind doors."

"Judaism is about courage, it is about the strength of your conviction."


A Message from Mayor Booker from Chabad of Greenwich on Vimeo.

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