And when we get behind closed doors


I’m in Vegas, returning from the Republican Jewish Coalition conference.

Only one session was open press — much of it took place behind closed doors.

But intimations of the late, great Charlie Rich were not the only thing that made this affair country:

Here’s a tweet, from Ilya Shapiro:

Romney: "I’m a country music fan." Also hits Obama hard on Israel. "We have interests with people who seek and love freedom." #rjc11

Mitt Romney did indeed make both statements, I can attest, but I hadn’t seen the country in his second statement  until Shapiro pointed it out. Until now, I had seen it only as Romney’s deferential reference to the man he called the foremost Middle East scholar, Bernard Lewis.

The country is there, though. I sense the beginnings of a Nashville anthem:

"We have interests with people who seek and love freedom,"

Bernie told Barack, but Barack wouldn’t heed ‘im.

I’ll have a more analytical take later in the week.

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