Evil Son? Jewish group declares, in song, “I Just Ate Chametz”


The role of the evil son at this year’s Seder has just been cast — by The Maccabeats‘ evil twin.

Kol Ish, composed of Jewish male alumni of the University of Maryland (who normally sing a cappella), have posted "I Just Had Chametz" to YouTube. The song is a parody of The Lonely Island Boys’ "I Just Had Sex" that premiered on Saturday Night Live in December 2010. The video offers a tongue-in-cheek ode to the leavened bread prohibited on Passover, at one point juxtaposing various chametz-laden items on a seder plate– definitely not kosher for Passover.

Of note: The Jewish Week was selected as Kol Ish’s bathroom reading to accompany Matzah-induced constipation.

If that wasn’t scandalous enough , here’s another group of kippah-wearing Terps parodying the same song, this time satirizing the halakhic principle of shomer negia (prohibition of extramarital physical contact between members of the opposite sex).

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