Argentina Jewish center’s vote provides no clear winner


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — No clear winner emerged in elections to lead the central Jewish institution in Buenos Aires.

Some 10,757 voters, more than doubling the number from 2008, participated in Sunday’s elections to lead the AMIA Jewish center in the Argentinian capital.

Since no candidate obtained more than 50 percent of the vote, the participating parties must negotiate a coalition to name a candidate to replace the current president, Guillermo Borger of the Religious United Front bloc.

The Religious United Front led the way Sunday with 4,360 votes, or 41 percent, followed by Plural Action with 3,830 votes, or 35 percent. Next were the Community Front with 20 percent and the Iajad bloc with 3 percent.

Borger was elected in 2008 in the first victory for an Orthodox group in AMIA history.

"This result confirms that AMIA members want the continuity of our management," he told JTA.

The Plural Action and Community Front coalitions had criticized the religious focus of the United Religious Bloc and called for "more pluralism" at AMIA. The blocs could join Borger’s electors at the electors’ assembly on May 12. The new leadership will take over May 31.

AMIA has always chosen its leaders by democratic vote, even when Argentina was not a democracy and was ruled by military dictatorships.

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