Nod to Haggadah women


To the Editor:

Re: "Through women of the Haggadah, deepening the seder experience," I am so happy to see that someone besides me is noticing things that I noticed years ago. At the seders I have attended, it seems like only what Moshe did was given any time, attention or credit. What the women were involved in never seemed to matter.

Of course, the most wonderful of all is what God did in the midst of the idolatrous nation Egypt. All the same, we must give credit to what these courageous women did to bring about the events that culminated in Israel’s "birthing" into a new free nation. I will definitely speak about this at our seder this year, which we celebrate not traditionally but try to keep as real as possible, the way it was on that first Pesach. We even eat our first piece of grilled lamb, bitter herbs and matzah standing up!

Milila Howard
Denver, Colo.

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