Ari Fleischer on 3-1 vs. 4-1


At the AIPAC conference panel on the 2012 elections, President George W. Bush’s spokesman Ari Fleischer says the Jewish vote is a bellwether.

He was making the point that President Obama’s "1967 lines" contretemps with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could hurt him in the long term.

If Jews go 4-1 Democrat, as they did in 2008, Republicans lose, he says, but:

If the Democrats win 3 to 1, it almost always tips it to the Republicans in Florida and Ohio.

That gets some applause. This gets applause and hisses:

I’ll take a 3-to-1 loss any day.

Paul Begala, a former Clinton adviser, scores with the Democrats in the room with some hits at Bush for forcing the Palestinian elections in 2006 (over Israeli objections), bringing Hamas to power.

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