Hamas response to Obama speech: Still won’t recognize Israel


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Hamas condemned President Obama’s AIPAC speech, saying it will not recognize Israel despite the U.S. president’s demand.

The Obama administration is "not a friend to the people of the region," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told the Ma’an Palestinian news service. 

Abu Zuhri said Obama’s continued support of Israel showed that the United States is biased and will "support the occupation at the expense of the freedom of the Palestinian people." He went to say that "The U.S. administration will fail, just as all others have in the past, in forcing Hamas to recognize the occupation."

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in his response to Obama’s speech told journalists in Jordan, where he is on a diplomatic visit, that "Hamas is part of Palestinian society and will take part in the democratic game as opposition."

Abbas said the new Palestinian unity government, whose composition still has not been announced, will conduct future peace negotiations with Israel.

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