Obama’s Israel friendship in question


To the Editor:

I was not surprised by President Obama’s speech, as I remember early on in his presidency that he scolded Israel for having the nerve to build Jewish homes in Jerusalem. On the other hand, I do not recall as public and strong a scolding when Palestinians hurled rocks at Jews at the Western Wall and Abbas criticized Israeli police for trying to stop the Palestinians, nor when the Palestinians protested when Israel rebuilt the Hurva synogogue in the Jewish quarter that was destroyed by Arabs when under Arab control.

Obama does not care that hundreds of thousands of Jews may be kicked out of their homes — many from homes they have lived in for decades on property that they purchased — nor that Jews would no longer have safe access to most of their most holy and historical sites such as Rachel’s Tomb, the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Mount of Olives or even the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

And the president did not rule out the Palestinian call to allow millions of Palestinians into pre-1967 Israel, which is a clear attempt to undermine Israel.

Abbas’ reconciliation with Hamas deserves "explanation" and raises very clearly the specter of Abbas not truly being interested in peace. And while President Obama may claim he said that the 1967 lines "with agreed land swaps," Israel understandably does not believe the Palestinians would agree to allow much of a swap.

Sadly, I do not trust President Obama is a true friend of Israel.

Ben Klein
New York, N.Y.

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