Yahrzeit: Captain Alfred Dreyfus


Thanks to Jewish Treats/National Jewish Outreach Project for pointing out that today’s Hebrew date, 11 Tammuz, marks the yahrzeit of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who passed away in Paris on July 12, 1935. As JTA reported at the time of his death:

"Col. Alfred Dreyfus, Jewish officer in the French Army whose unjust imprisonment on Devil’s Island in 1894 created a world-wide furore, died here today after a long illness. He had celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday last October… 

…One of the most interesting by products of the international affair was that it was one of the most important factors inspiring Dr. Theodor Herzl to start his political Zionism movement."

As a heads up, Herzl’s yahrzeit occurs on 20 Tammuz (July 3, 1904).

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