Price tag for actions


To the Editor:

Israel’s new anti-boycott law prohibits nothing but puts a price tag on actions that cost the state. So if your university chooses to ask the world to boycott it, the government need not provide 60 percent of your funding. If your government-funded dance company chooses not to dance in eastern Jerusalem, you don’t have to receive government funding.

Just as society has a price tag if you choose to park illegally in a handicapped zone, so a society has a right and should create a price tag for causing economic damage to it.

It is primarily the left and its friends who oppose this law. Many on the left, who are primarily secular people, still accept the hogwash that the dispute is all about land. The PLO was founded before the Six-Day War; it wants to liberate all of Israel.

The right is patiently waiting for the balance of the left to have its "aha" moment. Until then, there is now a price tag on their trying to strangle Israel into surrender to their own ignorance.

Gary Dalin
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

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