Israeli protesters dismantle tent cities


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Social justice protesters began dismantling tent camps across the country, following the largest demonstration in Israel’s history.

On Sunday, the largest tent city, on tony Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, was taken down, as were tent cities in two public parks in Jerusalem.

Some tents will remain, however, to be used as the movement’s meeting places for public debates and strategy sessions.

The tent cities were folded up following a demonstration over the weekend that brought an estimated 450,000 Israelis into the streets.

"We are taking down the tent today with our head held high after the very significant rally that took place yesterday," said Yuval Bedolach, a representative of Israel’s student union. "The tents were in some way a symbol, and we had to choose a very particular date to take them down. The tents were merely sheets and pegs; the people inside are what is important — the people who were at the rally yesterday and will be there next week as well."

The government-appointed Trajtenberg Committee on housing and economic reform is set to issue its recommendations in two weeks. 

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