Usher tries to make a move on Chelsea Handler


Usher and Handler (from E!)

Chelsea Handler already has 50 Cent in her past, and now another popular performer is trying to win her heart – Usher.

Last night, the popular artist appeared on Handler’s talk show Chelsea Lately, and took advantage of almost every question Handler asked to show her that he means business.

When asked if he takes a bath every night, Usher replied: “I normally do it alone, but if you decide you wanna come backstage, you can join me!”

Handler reminded Usher that his protege Justin Bieber pulled the same move and added: “now I know where he learns it from! I am too big for him.” To which Usher naturally replied: “you’re not too big for me.”

Jew Jew Barea is wondering whether Usher should take Chelsea to a club, so the DJ can get her falling in love.

Watch the full interview:

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