Mayim Bialik celebrates her kitty’s birthday with slurpees


Cat food?

Mayim Bialik celebrates her 8-year-old peterbald cat’s birthday in a highly unusual way — with a family trip to 7 Eleven for slurpees.

It just so happens that Esau (someone should alert Feline Protective Services about that name) was born on July 11, which is when the convenience store chain that I frequented for late night cups of coffee during college midterms gives out free slurpees. (Free slurpees at 7 Eleven on 7-11. Get it?)

In other animal and Bialik news, the actress has lent her voice to a new direct to DVD as a dog in The Dog Who Saved Halloween, where she can be heard alongside former costar, Joey Lawrence. (Whoa!)

And finally, just a little note to the people at People about its headline — she’s not Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik.

She will always and forever be Blossom.

Now where did I leave my flower hat?

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