Arrested Development reunion


The whole cast and creator will be appearing at the New Yorker Festival on Oct. 2

Is it true? Is it really happening?

Well, sort of.

For fans of the cult show, Arrested Development, it’s not the movie we’ve all been dreaming of but at least it’s something.

At the New Yorker Festival, the entire cast and show creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, will be appearing on a panel to talk about my favorite dysfunctional family (aside from my own) on October 2.

This panel should be better than most of the so-called “humor” that the magazine prints. Yes, “Shouts and Murmurs” I’m looking at you! I want to laugh out loud. (I refuse to use the acronym for that because I’m over the age of 12.) I don’t want to be mildly amused or laugh politely while I cover my mouth.


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