About that Rosh Hashanah greeting card…


20th century Rosh Hashanah greeting card

I really should have heeded the warning of my local postmaster 85 years ago: 



The purpose of this letter is to enlist your aid in the campaign which the postoffice is making to give publicity to the necessity on the part of the public to mail Jewish New Year Cards early. This campaign is being carried on among the Jewish public by enlisting the aid of organizations, synagogues, stores in which greeting cards are sold and in other ways. (Full article)

In case my Rosh Hashanah card doesn’t reach you in time for the new year (cough, oops), I’d like to personally thank you, the archive blog readers, for taking time to nestle into this nook of the Jewish web.


I’m indebted to too many people to try and thank individually. But I would like to briefly acknowledge Dr. Jonathan Sarna at Brandeis, our Archive consultant Anne Mintz and the many teachers before them who painstakingly tried to impress upon me the value of studying history. In 5771, these two individuals demonstrated the power of the archive to me in a way that gave me a renewed sense of purpose — and joy — at work. I hope to impress this same excitement upon Archive readers moving forward.

Among the people I ought to be listing by name, my colleagues at JTA are immensely supportive. There’s a fun new crop of talented and committed writers on board, and together we benefit from the capable, compassionate leadership of our management and supporting staff. With all the buzzing as of late, it’s a wonder that JTA hasn’t been packing honey on the side.

We hope you’ll return for more Archive discoveries in 5772. "Like" our Facebook pagee-mail us old photos you find in shoeboxes; or consider a contribution after your apples, honey and other basic needs are accounted for.

Thanks for reading. Shanah Tovah.

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