JewTube: 2 Broke Girls, a thrift store and a Strokes t-shirt


Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs juggle plates and some pretty unfunny lines.

This week on 2 Broke Girls or as I like to call it “22 minutes of Brooklyn hipster cliches circa 2000” (my fake title is possibly funnier than any joke on the show) the sassy gals visit a thrift store because Caroline needs to buy some affordable threads.

Cue the totally predictable and unfunny jokes about the smell (which is admittedly musty) and the laws of survival when buying secondhand clothes. Apparently, the Goodwill is a jungle but instead of lions and tigers you’ve got tattooed Puerto Ricans who will fight you for a Stroke t-shirt.

Seriously — the Strokes. Do hipsters still care about them?

Dear writers — you don’t even have to venture to Williamsburg or Greenpoint to know what the cooler-than-thou crowd is up to. Just check out Silver Lake or Los Feliz, which is much closer to the Los Angeles sound stage dressed up as New York where this show is filmed.

The thrift store scene did yield one Jew joke. As Behrs’ former Ponzi heiress paid for the ridiculously reduced designer pumps, she attempted to get a further discount. Which prompted this reaction from Max: “I can’t believe you tried to shoe her down.”

I guess the writer had to give that line to Dennings. It might’ve sounded vaguely anti-Semitic coming out of anyone else’s mouth.

Sadly, the more I watch the show, the less adoration I feel for Kat Dennings. I know she is bound up in a contract at this point and has to make the best of it but I still question her judgement for getting involved in this program to begin with.

Yet at the very beginning of last night’s episode, she did deliver one really good line. When asked by Caroline how to answer a diner patron who is requesting gluten-free food, she responded, “Tell her she’s not allergic to gluten. She’s just masking an eating disorder.” Perhaps I just liked it because I’ve been known to say something similar myself. I know that there are people with actual gluten allergies and those who have Celiac’s disease. But for the most part, when people claim to be allergic to anything that tastes delicious or is high in carbs, I’m highly suspicious. Really, I want to ask, you are allergic to everything that is calorically dense and yummy? How fortunate for you and your waistline!

But speaking of fake allergies, I think I’ve got a couple more episodes of this show before I too develop an aversion that has no medical basis.

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