There’s no place for Jews in Libya


CNN’s Nic Robertson covers the story of David Gerbi, who wanted to worship in his ancestors’ shul.

Watch the protest signs 1:55 in:  "We strongly refuse the Jewish in our land." And "There’s no place for Jews in Libya." In Hebrew and English, in case you missed it.

The protests are against a single, asthmatic psychiatrist with a couple of tools and a transomful of memories.

Gerbi has since given up and left Libya. The transitional authorities stopped the remodeling.  He was told he was in danger. 

Arabs have a Polish problem: A hatred of Jews so pervasive, so deepseated, it doesn’t need Jews to thrive.

I know: Not all Arabs. But, you know, it wasn’t (and isn’t) every Pole either.

Until the Arabs who huddle under the shelter of "not all Arabs"  break out and explain things clearly to the others, the problem is going to persist.

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