Obama goes uncriticized


To the Editor:

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of the Shalom Center, told JTA that protesting is a key part of Judaism.

“The reason there is a Jewish place in these protests is that there is a protest place in Judaism,” he said. “From the Exodus, from Isaiah, from Jeremiah and all the way down to rabbinic Judaism, there is a sense that Judaism is constantly struggling against top-down power of the Pharaoh."

This is just not true. These liberal Democrats love and almost never criticize Obama, who is the one mainly responsible for our economic woes and was the main recipient of donations from Wall Street. On the rare occasion they might mildly criticize him, it is to say he is not liberal enough. I hope they enjoy hanging out with the anti-Semites and "anti-Zionists."

Lewis Regenstein
Atlanta, Ga.

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