What does the PLO have in common with your nephew?


A JNF tree planted in his name.

Armed with those familiar green-trimmed certificates, Conservative movement rabbis Jack Moline and Stuart Weinblatt thanked envoys from the 17 nations that assisted Israel with its Mt. Carmel forest fires last year.

One went to the PLO envoy, Ma’en Areikat; the Palestinian Authority provided firefighting crews and equipment.

Not a lot of love is lost between the Palestinians and the JNF for a variety of reasons (land ownership rules that favor Jews, tree clearing and planting policies in disputed areas.)

So this is, in the weird way diplomatic moments can be … significant. (One presumes the planted trees are in a forest within the green line.)

One also awaits the updated version of the ancient joke. "Quick, change the plaque on the Azerbejaini tree! The PLO envoy is on his way up the hill!"

Here’s a tiny picture (biggest I could get). L-r: Moline, Areikat, Weinblatt.

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