Ed Koch may make Obama’s case in Florida


The New Jersey Jewish News interviews Hizonner about his book for children on being overweight, Eddie Shapes Up, but deviates a little to ask him if he’s solid on his newfound support for President Obama:

NJJN: What positions has he changed?

Koch: When Obama gave his speech in Egypt [in 2009] I thought he was throwing Israel under the bus. And he didn’t even go to Israel on that trip, which is so customary. But I think he changed his position and delivered a very powerful speech in favor of Israel at the UN recently. [The speech, delivered in September, opposed a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.] I commended him. We met and he convinced me he is supportive of the State of Israel, and I said I would support him. If things progress as they are progressing, I will go to Florida and seek to build Jewish support for him in that key state. On the other hand, if he does not do what he says, then he can’t count on me.

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