Lust and aliyah, in Wikipedia


Looking up Nefesh B’Nefesh online for a brief I’m writing, I stumbled across this, in Wikipedia:

Nefesh B’Nefesh has recently faced competition in recruiting olim from the rival Guf B’Guf organization. Based in Tel Aviv, rather than Jerusalem, Guf B’Guf solicits secular English-speaking olim looking to date virile Israelis. GBG events include pool parties, Hebrew-language speed dating and free condom distribution. Seasonal events include honey fights around Rosh Hashana and wet blue and white t-shirt contests on Yom Haatzmaut.

Guf B’Guf saw the 2009 war with Hamas as both a frightening time for locals and olim alike, and as an opportunity to connect the Diaspora with lusty Jews of Zion. In January 2009, GBG hosted various seminars for the two groups with subjects of "How to play the damsel in distress as an excuse to Facebook Israelis" as well as "How to bed a new immigrant under pretense of having a bomb-proof room at home." These seminars, held in border communities across the Western Negev as well as in Nahariyya, have had astonishing attendance rates. GBG is proud of its pioneering outlook, and at the same time hopes for more positive inspiration for group activities. In addition, GBG remains on the watch for the threats Hamas and Iran pose as well as the opportunities they present for war-flushed romance.

UPDATE: Nefesh B’Nefesh informs me that Guf B’Guf is a hoax (no!) and that it has had the reference removed from its Wikipedia article. This blog post by Yuval Ben Ami, dated Sept. 3 2008, suggests that the intent of the hoaxer is at least partly political. (A controversial statement by Daniel Ayalon, now the deputy foreign minister, NBN’s former co-chair, also seems to have been removed.)

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