“Godspell” is god-awful


Courtesy 1971 Godspell record label

Poor Stephen Schwartz. Did no one tell him that 1971 was four decades ago, and that people have moved on from Bible-thumping musical numbers?

Apparently not, since he’s finding out the hard way. After a long break in its Broadway run (the last original showing was on September 4th, 1977) Schwartz’s “Godspell” returns to a less than stellar reception. Media outlets are blasting the show, making it sound like the humorless ball of religious fervor insinuated by the name “Godspell”.  The Hollywood Reporter warns viewers to “prepare for disappointment,” since the show felt like a “high school production staged by the wacky new drama teacher.” Steven Suskin of Variety calls Hunter Parrish, who plays Jesus Himself, “one big letdown.”

But none of these guys are as biting as The New York Times, which compares the two-hour production to “being trapped in a summer camp rec room with a bunch of kids who have been a little too reckless with the Red Bull.” Ouch.

Sorry Stephen, but it’s time to shelve the Old Testament. If you need some inspiration for your next blockbuster, go check out “The Book of Mormon.” Joseph Smith is in, Jesus is out. Get with the times, man!

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