People’s Choice Awards nominees announced


Courtesy of ParcBench

With the nominees released today, it seems like the 38th annual People’s Choice Awards will, in true Hollywood fashion, have a hearty dose of Tribe members representin’. From the regulars (Daniel Radcliffe and Natalie Portman might as well have trophies sent directly to their display cases), to the pleasant surprises (uh, hi Gene Simmons!), there are at least ten Jews on the list. Mazal tov to all!

The Jew List:

Daniel Radcliffe—Favorite actor, favorite movie star under 25

Shia LaBeouf — Favorite action movie star

Adam Sandler — Favorite comedic movie actor

Mila Kunis — Favorite comedic movie actress

Natalie Portman — Favorite comedic movie actress

Jack Black — Favorite animated movie voice

Lea Michele — Favorite TV comedy actress

Gwyneth Paltrow — Favorite TV guest star

Gene Simmons — Favorite celebreality star

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