Joseph Gordon Levitt asked out by girl with cancer


Courtesy of Caryn Loveless

Joseph Gordon Levitt is facing a heart-wrenching request this week after a hot 26-year-old cancer patient made a YouTube video asking him out. “Even though I look healthy, dating has been a little difficult,” explains Lindsey Ann Miller, who decided to contact Levitt after seeing his new dramedy “50/50.” She goes on to ask him to be her first date, in an effort to jump back into that pool. Lindsey requests, in a totally non-morbid way, if they could just get a cup of coffee or something, akin to a grown-up “Make A Wish” request.

While Levitt has yet to publicly respond, I think we all know that only a monster could reject this chick. Not only is she cute and innocent, but she has such a simple request! She doesn’t wanna bump uglies or go to an inconvenient military prom. She just wants some coffee, dammit! We all cooed over a Marine’s video asking Mila Kunis to the prom and  military lady who asked out Justin Timberlake. But this is a whole other universe of heartbreaking, cute, and non-intrusive YouTube requests.

Say yes, JoGo, say yes! I don’t care if you have a wife, or a baby, or even if you are gay. As your on-screen alter ego knows, you always say yes to the cancer patient.

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