LSD turns 73


The hallucinogenic known as LSD was first synthesized on Nov. 16, 1938 by Swiss scientist Dr. Albert Hoffman. Oy, did this drug cause some tsuris.


For a period of time, the proliferation of the drug was the bane of Jewish youth organizations, anti-Semitic societies, and anti-anti-Semitic societies alike. 

Want to read about how Hillel, Hebrew University, the ADL, B’nai B’rith Young Adults and The Weizmann Institute et. al dealt with the use of this illicit substance among Jewish youth? Or how they countered anti-Semitic accusations of Israeli universities pushing it?

Here’s a timeline of LSD references in the JTA Archives.

To clarify, Hoffman was not Jewish, according to the NY Times obituary after he died at 102. To make use of a colloquialism, anyone claiming the drug has Jewish origins "be trippin’."


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