Wodka vodka removes ads seen as anti-Semitic


NEW YORK (JTA) – Billboards for Wodka vodka that the Anti-Defamation League said reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes were removed.

The ADL, which had criticized Wodka’s New York ad campaign, welcomed the company’s apology and the removal of the billboards from locations throughout New York.

The ads featured two dogs, one wearing a Santa cap and one wearing a yarmulke with the message “Christmas Quality, Hanukah Pricing.” 

“We welcome the response of Wódka vodka, and are glad that they were sensitive to our concerns and the concerns of the many New Yorkers who were offended by this advertisement,” said Ron Meier, ADL’s New York Regional director. “The company acted quickly and appropriately in recognizing that the billboard was offensive to many and should be removed.”

The company announced via its Twitter feed that it had decided to pull the ads. The company tweeted, “Although rarely serious, we apologize to anyone we may have offended through our holiday campaign and are removing our billboard immediately.”

ADL had called the billboards “crude and offensive.”          

On Wodka’s website, other ads include a sheep wearing a sombrero with the message "Escort quality, Hooker pricing."

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