Paula Abdul, Amanda Bynes support bullied gay teen’s video


Over the weekend, Jonah Mowry, a teenager who was bullied in school and created a very emotional video titled “what’s going on,” became a social networking sensation. Many celebrities showed their support over Twitter.

In the video, Mowry uses cue cards to tell how he was bullied from a young age, and how he has been cutting himself, though he has no intention to kill himself despite considering it in the past. The video, which was made a few months ago and was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, was featured on Perez Hilton and Gawker, and got responses from celebrities like Lady Gaga, who is an anti-bullying activist, and Ricky Martin, who came out of the closet last year.

Among the many celebrity responders were Paula Abdul, who tweeted@JonahMowryReal i’m so #grateful for you-LOOK at the love you inspire! your precious life is SO important you beautiful soul! i love you xoP”. And Amanda Bynes, who tweeted a quote by Mowry: “I’m not going anywhere because I’m stronger than that and I have a million reasons to be here.”

In a second video, Mowry admitted that his school “loves him” now and continued by tweeting: “Oh my god lol! My haters are clearly … Not the smartest. They need to realize that I ACTUALLY AM GAY and callin me it wont do anything 0.0”

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