TMZ tries to make T.I. a Jewish Chanukah icon


SMH*, YouTube video maker. SM mother effin’ H. In this clearly overthought video, a TMZ reporter is trying to convince T.I. to come over to the blue and white side. “Ya gotta do a Hanukkah song, man,” the reporter begs him. Reporter subsequently launches into a Hanukkah rap, tailor made for the hip-hop king himself.

Ok. Here is my response to this video, broken down:

The good: I do believe that they were going for the whole “it’s so cringe-worthy it’s good” thing, and are moderately successful. From the lack of rhythm to the title of their T.I. inspired ditty, everything is so awesomely nerdy.

The bad: Where do I start? Firstly, I didn’t really laugh when I watched this as much as I would have liked. Sure, I let out a slight chuckle during a few opportune moments (T.I.’s ultimate send off: “Barook Hashaym!”) but overall I felt meh. And that is not the emotion you try to muster with an ironically bad video.

Also, and most importantly, I strongly disagree with the message behind this campaign. No good Chanukah videos have been made?! It’s time for T.I., of all people, to corner the market?! Wrong, all very very wrong. Firstly, they barely even mention Adam Sandler’s Chanukah hit. Why did they just breeze over that one? It was gold, GOLD I tell you! He is a rhyming machine, and even Busta himself couldn’t drop those lines. Secondly, it seems pretty presumptuous to consider Chanukah jamz a revolutionary idea on the first anniversary of Maccabeat fever. Does the phrase “I flip my latkes in the air tonight, saying waaaaaaaaayo” mean nothing to you???

The fugly: Them bikinis those girls were wearing. Sir Mix-A-Lot called from 1992, and Baby wants her high-cut thong bottoms back.

*For all you baby boomers who do not understand this acronym, take a page out of the Millenials’ handbook and Google it.

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