The ‘Save Community’ campaign


In this year’s version of the “Free Winona” movement, fans of the cult NBC comedy “Community” have launched their own campaign to ensure the survival of the low-rated critical darling. There’s an online petition, posters and Venn diagrams. Reportedly, one unnamed NBC exec made a “Save Community” t-shirt.

Now the cast of “Community” is getting in on the effort to save the show, or at the very least, remind us why we love it.

In a video for College Humor, all of your favorite characters — Troy, Abed, Shirley, Dean Pelton, Starburns — tell us interesting little factoids about their endangered community college.

“Sure, some people call Greendale a fifth rate safety school,” Annie’s Alison Brie informs us. “What would you rather go to, a ‘danger’ school?”

“Greendale currently maintains the world’s largest collection of water damaged National Geographics,” Gillian Jacobs’ Britta boasts. “Beat that, Dartmouth.”

And did you know that Ted Danson eats at Chili’s? Now you do.

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