Joseph Gordon Levitt tells some tiny stories


Courtesy of hitRECord

Turns out, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s “Indie” itch extends beyond “500 Days of Summer.” He is also involved in an open-collaboration media company called hitRECord, where he is the director as well as a contributor, and goes by the moniker RegularJOE. Since pseudo-intellectualism is all the rage in Hollywood, hitRECord released a volume of short shorts today called “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1” where JoGo himself pens a few pieces.

An example of these artistic shorts is a page with “One wanted to share a life together/The other wanted to share two” embossed over bicycles. Other stories talk about adventure, love, and other obscure concepts that regular people can’t quite grasp. Let’s just say, the release party probably took place in an organic coffee shop in Park Slope where the phrase “I loooove your Warby Parkers!” could be overheard multiple times. Whatever, I’m not jealous. I was busy that night anyway, ok??

“The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” is being sold at local retailers with a list price of $14.99. Begrudging congratulations to you, RegularJOE.

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