Would you watch a show about Joan Rivers getting high?


Joan Rivers enjoying the herbal treatment

The second season of WE tv’s “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” is back next month, and if you are still reading this, you should know that this year, the adventures of the red carpet master and her roommate/daughter Melissa are going to get even crazier!

The new teaser shows Rivers inhaling a pretty massive bong in what appears to be a medical marijuana shop, followed by excited calls and a healthy case of the munchies. The question remains: is Rivers more tame when she is high or sober? And she is even more of, err, herself?

The teaser also reveals a new tattoo she getting in her back and the conflicts she has with Melissa’s live-in boyfriend Jason Zimmerman (though they are no longer dating, I wonder why).

Yes, people, a new year is a terrific opportunity for you to turn off your brains, and turn on WE tv.

To watch the trailer, lower your computer’s volume and click here.

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