Pig’s head hung in Sydney Jewish neighborhood


SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) — A pig’s head was hung from a tree outside an apartment block in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Sydney.

The pig’s head, an insult to Judaism, was spotted by a Jewish resident as she exited the apartment block on Dec. 25.

Neither the police nor the State Emergency Services responded to the incident, according to J-Wire, a local Jewish website.

Three of the five apartments are occupied by Jewish residents.

It is not first time a pig’s head has been placed outside buildings with Jewish residents, a community security official said.

“Despite the general goodwill that prevails at this time of the year, Christmas and Easter are also occasions when a handful of nutters come out of the woodwork to give vent to their prejudices," said Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. "They are invariably too cowardly to openly claim responsibility for this sort of a stunt.”

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