Deaths we missed and lives worth knowing about in 2011


The Eulogizer tries to do right by everyone who has passed away in the Jewish world, but the work, though begun, is never finished. Here is a sampling of prominent Jews who died in 2011 whose names did not get into our column in the days after their deaths.


Hanan Porat was a prominent Israeli politician, rabbi and a founder of the settler movement. He established one of the first Israeli communities in the West Bank after the Six Day War in 1967. He died Oct. 4 at 67.

Jacob "Jack" Goldman was a prominent physicist and former chief scientist of Xerox Corporation who helped set up the company’s fabled Palo Alto Research Center, which produced many seminal ideas in modern computing. He died Dec. 20 at 90.

Berton "Bert" Schneider, a co-creator of the Monkees and a producer of the counterculture classic “Easy Rider.” He died Dec. 12 at 78.

Barry Feinstein, a photographer who chronicled the rock era and who photographed a young Bob Dylan during a cross-country car ride, died Oct. 20 at 80.

Sidney B. "Syd" Cain was a British film production designer whose work included creating gadgets and sets for four James Bond movies in the 1960s and 1970s. He died Nov. 2 at 93.

Sid Melton, a character actor who had recurring roles on The Golden Girls, Green Acres, The Danny Thomas Show, and Alf, died Nov. 2 at 94.

Fanny (Jabcovsky) Edelman, a longtime South American political activist and president of the Communist Party of Argentina, died Nov. 1 at 100.

Avner Treinin, an award-winning Israeli poet who also was a chemistry professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, died Oct. 7 at 83.

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