Howard Stern drunk dials adoring Twitter fans


Were these guys YOUR New Yea'rs phone date??

Tis the season … to give drunken, online gratitude, that is. On Saturday night, Howard Stern and his wife, Beth, spent a couple of hours calling up Twitter fans and shootin’ the breeze with them. Stern tweeted on New Year’s Eve, “Beth and I are drunk dialing. What’s your phone number?” to which a plethora of fans responded. Surprisingly, Stern followed through and actually called up a few lucky folks.

While many might assume the Sterns have nothing better to do than talk about beer and boobies, fans tweeted that the conversations were, in fact, lovely. “Howard Stern just called me! This new year rules already!” one fan wrote. Another one called Howard and Beth “the cutest couple ever!!!”

The Sterns allegedly were models of decorum, speaking only of things like their New Year’s plans and how much everyone loves their pets. After a few hours of this celebrity Chat Roulette, Stern tweeted “Just made my last call. Going to bed. Wishing everyone a happy new year. If u get a call after this…it’s not me.”

Let’s be honest: everyone loves to be the recipient of a good drunk call. It makes you feel desired for all the wrong reasons. While the downside can often include tears and angry rants, these seemed like the nicest drunk dials I’ve ever heard! The Shock Jock was just connecting with his fans, wanting to make a few peoples’ New Years a little brighter. Even with all the (often legitimate) criticism hurled at Howard Stern, no one can deny that this was a truly nice thing to do. Happy New Years, ya big ole softie!

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