Adam Lambert’s fans want him to be the next Superbowl Idol


People think he's the bomb diggity

Adam Lambert (yes, the one of bar fight fame, if nothing else) seems to have quite the twitter following. His fans have recently started a “twitition” calling for Adam to sing the National Anthem at the 2012 Superbowl. Their reasons are as follows:

  1. He is from Indianapolis (they must have been outraged that Bachmann lost the Iowa caucus)
  2. They believe it’s “clear” that his vocal skills are “globally unparalleled” (um, duh!)
  3. “He is a consumate perfectionist & his musical flawlessness will captivate millions of hearts.”

I’m confused. Was this written by a thirteen year old girl in English class or a misguided copywriter? Do twititions have any legal standing? And if so, why has no one started a twitition for the Maccabeats to sing at the Superbowl?? Huh? HUH?

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