ECI pulls Gary Bauer ad from South Carolina


 My colleague Zachary Silberman has a comprehensive post up at the Washington Jewish Week assessing concerns about Ron Paul’s relatively strong performance in the GOP primaries.

He references the Emergency Committee for Israel ad starring one of its founders, Gary Bauer, that was to have targeted Paul in South Carolina.

I wrote about the ad, and then about my surprise that Bauer, immediately following the ad’s announcement, endorsed Rick Santorum.

As I noted, that converted the ad from an impassioned pro-Israel plea to a partisan jab at a competitive second-placer.

Now, Zach reports in his post, ECI is pulling the ad — for just that reason. Here’s what it says on ECI’s website:

Last week, ECI recorded and released a statement by our director, Gary Bauer, on conservatism and foreign policy. Since then, Gary has decided to endorse a candidate in the Republican primary. In light of this, we’ve decided not to go ahead and buy airtime for this advertisement in South Carolina.

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