Israeli hackers bring down Arab websites


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli hackers said they brought down the websites of the Saudi Stock Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

The hackers, who call themselves IDF-Team, said in a post on the PasteBin website that Tuesday’s attacks were in retaliation for the cyber attack the previous day on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al website, adding that "This is only the beginning." The Israeli hackers also threatened to paralyze websites for up to a month if attacks on Israeli sites continue.

Saudi hackers used the PasteBin website last week to publish the credit card information of thousands of Israelis.

Also Tuesday, the pro-Israel hacker Hannibal published a list of e-mail addresses and Facebook passwords for some 30,000 users from Arab countries, Haaretz reported. He also claims to have information to allow access to 10 million Iranian and Saudi bank accounts.

Meanwhile, a different group of Israeli hackers posted the details of e-mail accounts belonging to dozens of Saudi medical students.

The Saudi hacker 0xOmar said he would continue to attack Israeli websites until Israeli officials ask for forgiveness from the people of Gaza for "genocide."

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