Political Points: Nevada’s Jewish caucus, Gingrich vs. Alinsky, fraud in Florida


NEVADA’S JEWISH CAUCUS: The Clark County Republican Party is adding a special evening caucus for observant Jews who wouldn’t otherwise attend the Nevada caucuses because they fall on Shabbat.

MEET MIRIAM ADELSON: The Forward’s Sisterhood blog looks at the bio of the Israeli-born wife of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson — who is reportedly matching her husband’s $5 million contribution to an independent group supporting Newt Gingrich’s presidential candidacy.

GINGRICH VS. ALINSKY: Newt Gingrich has been accusing President Obama of sharing the philosophy of the late community-organizing guru Saul Alinsky.


ALINSKY VS. GINGRICH: An Alinsky biographer writes that Gingrich doesn’t stack up favorably to the famed organizer.

BATTLE OF FLORIDA: JTA reports that it’s not just Republican candidates gearing up for a fight in the Sunshine State.

GINGRICH’S EXERCISE ERROR: National Journal says that Newt Gingrich erred in blaming the Obama administration for the postponement of a joint military exercise with Israel.

FRAUD IN FLORIDA: The Huffington Post finds that a report of a poll by a mysterious Florida Jewish group purportedly showing Mitt Romney besting Barack Obama among the state’s Jews appears to be fraudulent.

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