Is Drew Barrymore converting???


The newest member of the "Hot Jewish Celebs" club!

First we have Isla Fisher turning to the dark(er skinned semitic) side for love. Then comes along Ivanka Trump, opening her heart to Hashem. And now, Drew Barrymore also might be converting to Judaism for the love of a man!

That’s right. According to the New York Daily News, Drew might soon be calling herself Devorah. Or Dinah. Or some other Jewish variant in order to better align her beliefs with those of fiancée Will Kopelman. In addition, close friend Adam Sandler is supposedly helping Drew along in her conversion process!

Before we roll out the “Welcome to the Tribe” banner, let’s nod toward journalistic integrity for a minute. The info supposedly comes from a “reliable” source who told InTouch magazine all these details, yet Drew’s publicist denied the rumor to the Daily News.

Since Jewzy here is such a big hot shot journalist, I called her publicist to get an EXCLUSIVE quote for us! Alas, they haven’t responded. I bet it’s because I’m Jewish.

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