Natalie Portman to show off her ‘Scruples’


Harvard grad, Oscar winner, and new momma Natalie Portman can now add a new title to her resume. According to Reuters, the “Black Swan” star is set to produce the new ABC series “Scruples,” based on the 1970s classic novel by Judith Krantz.

While the book was already made into a relatively successful mini-series in the 1980s, this version will be bigger, badder, and way hawt-er. The hourlong drama is being billed as a “sexy soap set in the late 1970s” that revolves around a socialite who opens a fashion boutique after the death of her husband.

Although the premise sorta sounds like the hilarious sexytime story in the back of Cosmopolitan, I have faith in Natalie. Whatever she touches turns to gold, essentially assuring that this bow-chicka-wow-wow show will probably win an Emmy or something.

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