HIMYM finally ends (with Josh Radnor doing his own voice overs)


After years of people saying, “‘How I Met Your Mother’ is still running? Really?”, show creators are officially putting the kibosh on a series that jumped the shark years ago. Yes, this is old news, but here’s the kicker: For the series’ final episode, Bob Saget is being booted as the narrator, to be replaced by Ted Mosby (a.k.a. Josh Radnor) himself.

Saget has been Ted Mosby’s “wise married man voice” since the beginning of the series. Radnor will don some hardcore old man makeup, in which he will tell those reeeeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy patient youngsters how he (freaking finally) met their mother.

Side note: I used to like the show. I really did– when I was in high school in the early aughts and Apple products were still thought of as “Macintoshes.”

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