Andrew Breitbart, new media mogul with Republican appeal, dies at 43


New media mogul Andrew Breitbart, owner of news and commentary websites such as Big Journalism, Big Government, and Big Hollywood, died at 43 on March 1 near his Los Angeles home.


The LA Jewish Journal reported that Breitbart once "proudly called himself a ‘biased journalist." Breitbart served apprenticeships at mega-news sites, Drudge Report and Huffington Post. His biggest "scoop" came in 2011 when he posted the revealing photos of then-Rep. Anthony Weiner which led the Democratic congressman to resign.

Breitbart was adopted as a child and raised as a Jew, and "enjoyed needling the Jewish community for what he saw as its liberal leanings," the Journal reported.

Partly because of his media notoriety, and also because of his youthful demise, there will be a lot about Breitbart online. Find early articles here, here, and here.

Rumors persisted for months that Breitbart had plans to open Big Jerusalem, a site focused on Israel, to match his others.

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