Rice: ‘Relentless, obsessive’ campaign against Israel at U.N. ‘has got to stop’


Speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, discussed the importance of stopping the campaign against Israel at the world body.

“Nobody is above fair criticism. But what Israel faces is something very different. It’s relentless, it’s obsessive, it’s ugly. It’s bad for the United Nations, it’s bad for peace and it has got to stop,” Rice said at a session for Jewish religious leaders.

Rice used her speech to highlight what she called “the principles” and “commitment” of the United States to fight for Israel’s safety and security at the United Nations.

“Not a day goes by-not one when my colleagues and I do not work hard to defend Israel’s security and legitimacy at the United Nations,” Rice said.

Rice read off a list of actions by the U.S. Mission at the United Nations, particularly its efforts to prevent the Palestinian Authority’s effort to unilaterally achieve statehood.

“We remain determined not to rest until a secure Jewish and democratic state of Israel lives side-by-side with a viable Palestinian state established through direct negotiations.  Two states for two peoples living in peace and security,” Rice said.

In addition, Rice discussed the subject on everyone minds this weekend: Iran.  She highlighted the efforts of the U.S. to ensure the passage of targeted sanctions against Iran and noted that the U.S. will “remain determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

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