Breitbart update: ‘Rich opportunities to snap like a testy turtle’


Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death March 1 at 43 has prompted an outpouring of commentary, admiring and critical. Here is a sampling.


From Obit-Mag:

After seeing the muddied waters of race, politics and sex flow over the media landscape, he knew there was rich opportunity to lurk among that swamp of issues and snap like a testy turtle at perceived hypocrisy…. Therein lies the basis for much of Andrew Breitbart’s righteous indignation: Liberals pretending to speak for racial and sexual equality but acting as craven and unprincipled opportunists. 

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page wrote:

Speak no ill of the dead. So goes a saying from ancient Greece. I must beg for an exception in the case of the late Andrew Breitbart. Like Donald Trump, Breitbart had his sweet and gentle side, but that’s not what made him interesting….Breitbart made himself matter by using the Web with a frat-boy zest to drive a conservative message and embarrass liberal targets.

A note about Page: After winning the Pulitzer Prize, Page joked that he would know how his own obituary would begin: "Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Clarence Page died…"

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