Sheitel Boutique Offers Modest Selection


ABrooklyn woman has opened Shleppy Sheitels, a boutique that sells deliberately unattractive wigs in keeping with the original purpose of the mandate for women’s head coverings.

"No pun intended," says proprietor Yetta Flutsky, "but we’re getting back to the roots — the roots of the tradition for married Jewish women to wear a sheitel. And that's to walk modestly before the Almighty, and to avoid attracting the attention of men other than their husband."

By contrast, she said, most sheitels sold today at outlandish prices are so glamorous, they're much more beautiful than the wearer's actual hair, making women exceptionally attractive to post-puberty males.

The wigs Mrs.Flutsky sells are “quite unappealing,” she said proudly. They come in a variety of mousy colors. One of the more popular models, favored by sticklers for tradition, is called "Look What The Cat Dragged In."

Other popular styles include Stringy, Straggly, Semi-Perm, Jagged Ends, Wind Swept, Rain Soaked, and the classic Bad Hair Day.