Cantor, Manzullo and being “saved”


Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the majority leader in the House, gave money to a SuperPAC trying to unseat incumbents, including GOP incumbents in primaries.

House leadership usually stays out of primary battles, or less often, backs incumbents. I can’t remember it tackling incumbents, on either side (but correct me if you know otherwise, dear reader.)

Cantor says he did this because he was, in essence, backing one incumbent against another, Adam Kinzinger, v. Don Manzullo in a redrawn district. (Kinzinger won last month.)

But, again, the pundits say that this is even more unusual — and I can think of at least one Dem v. Dem race, Sherman v. Berman in California, where I strongly suspect there’s a sentimental favorite among House Dem leaders, but they are being careful not to weigh in.

Now Politico is reporting that the Cantor-Manzullo animus predates this tussle, and originated when Manzullo, a Baptist, reportedly said Cantor, who is Jewish, would not be "saved." Manzullo denies it.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has not been shy about speaking on behalf of Howard Berman, albeit stopping short of endorsing him — or funding his bid. (From Politico.)

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