Santorum’s Jerusalem swan song


A day before he bowed out of the race for the GOP presidential nod, Rick Santorum’s op-ed endorsing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital appeared in the New York Daily News.

It includes shots not only at President Obama, but at Mitt Romney, with Santorum’s departure, the all but coronated GOP nominee:

Never has Israel ever offered Western Jerusalem in a negotiation, so why would the administration keep this totally Jewish section of the city in question?

The Israeli Gaza withdrawal and the missiles that are launching from there into Israeli cities demonstrates that any Israeli withdrawal from any part of Jerusalem would leave Israel without defensible borders. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated, as have other Israeli prime ministers, that he will never divide Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that my opponent for the Republican Presidential nomination has a different position from that of the President. He has not expressed his opinion about the Obama administration’s position on Jerusalem.

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