Mitt Romney’s Jewish girlfriend


This Washington Post Story, about Mitt Romney’s prep school days, is setting the internets afire with its detailed account of a bullying incident he initiated.

Also revealed is Romney’s schoolboy relationship with Mary Fisher, whose father, Max Fisher, more or less wrote the book on How to Be a Jewish Republican:

Romney was bowled over by the wealth of some of his friends. He briefly dated Mary Fisher, the daughter of the philanthropist and diplomat Max Fisher, who acted as a finance chairman to George Romney’s political campaigns. At her house, he watched the James Bond film “Goldfinger” in the family’s private theater before it was widely released. He reported excitedly back to (roommate Matthew) Friedemann about the theater, noting that the seats even had numbers.


“His altruism was apparent then and is apparent now,” said Candy Porter, who volunteered with Romney at the hospital. “I just remember him being really nice,” said Mary Fisher.

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