Brad Sherman’s mom, Photoshop and a camel


Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, both Jewish Democrats, are facing off in a redrawn suburban L.A. district that has a large Jewish population.

LA Observed catches Sherman engaged in some Photoshopping. In a flyer apparently designated for Jewish voters, there’s a photo of his family including his mother. But in another mailing using the same photo, his mom is missing.

So who’s more insulted here? Jewish voters for being presumed to be swayed by a photo of Sherman’s mom? Non-Jewish voters for not being presumed to love mom enough?

LA Observed says two of its readers believe the Sherman campaign Photoshopped his mom out of the non-Jewish flyer. There I don’t want to go.

BuzzFeed has more from inside the Jewish mailer. There’s the requisite photo-op with Benjamin Netanyahu, and also, oddly, one of Sherman mounting a camel in 1972. I’m guessing that Sherman — who likes to self-deprecate about his pate by handing constituents combs — is reminding them about his more hirsute youth.

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